The customer support that you will receive from your shared web hosting provider is very important, no matter if you have pre-sales questions and you're not a client yet, or you've got some technical issue with an active account. Timely and clear information about a question or a problem can save you a lot of time and efforts, not mentioning that this can often be an indicator that you're ordering from an actual web hosting provider and not from a reseller. If you purchase a hosting account via a company that does not own its servers and it cannot access them directly, it is very likely that you will wait for a day or two in order to have a reply to any query, so your sites may stay offline for a long time. In contrast, a provider which offers various means of communication and has a tech support staff available any time can assist you right away and help you limit or entirely avoid any kind of downtime and prospective losses.

24/7 Customer Support in Shared Web Hosting

We provide you with 24/7 customer, billing and technical support for all our Linux shared web hosting. Even if you aren't our customer yet and you have some questions, we will assist you right away and provide the needed information, to give you the choice to make the very best decision when you acquire a new website hosting account. We are available anytime, including weekends and holidays, and we supply numerous means of communication to contact us - phone, live chat, e-mail messages and support tickets. To make things easier for you, we have several telephone numbers internationally, thus you are able to call the one that is closer to you. The max response time for the emails and your tickets is 1 hour. The typical response time is around 15-20 min, which means that you can forget all about waiting for days and nights to get assistance for any kind of task or issue, regardless of its complexity.