A domain is an easy-to-remember and distinctive web address which you can get for your web site. It designates a numeric IP address that is applied to identify websites and units on the Internet yet it is quite easy to remember or distribute. Every single domain features two separate parts - the particular name that you select plus its extension. For example, in domain.com, “domain” is referred to as Second-Level Domain and it is the element you are able to pick, while “.com” is the extension, which is also known as Top-Level Domain (TLD). You can purchase your domain through any licensed registrar organization or transfer an existing one between registrars if the extension can support this feature. Such a transfer does not change the possession of your domain; the sole thing that changes is where you're able to take care of the domain name. Almost all domain extensions are open for registration by every entity, yet a variety of country-code extensions have particular conditions like local presence or a current company registration.

Domain Registration/Transfer in Shared Web Hosting

If you obtain a Linux shared web hosting through us, you're able to pick from more than 50 domain extensions for your new domain name - both generic and country-specific ones. We are able to offer an almost split-second registration service because we are certified as a registrar by ICANN - the organization that handles the domain name system worldwide. Once you purchase a new domain, it shall be active within a few minutes, so that you will be able to start taking care of your website without any delay. You can even transfer an active domain name that you have purchased through a different company and take care of it from one place with the web hosting space for it on our end. Our state-of-the-art Domain Manager interface gives you complete control over your domain names - renewals, ID protection, custom-made records, forwarding, WHOIS data management, and many more.